Weigh In: How Much Should the Tooth Fairy Pay for a Tooth? Sherri Shepherd Says Not Too Much!

sherri shepherd son
Sherri Shepherd's son's first missing tooth!

Sherri Shepherd’s son lost his first tooth yesterday and she took to twitter to ask for advice on how much the Tooth Fairy should leave.

My oldest lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and I did the same thing.  I wasn’t prepared for him to lose his first tooth, even though he was 6 and had a wiggly tooth for a while.

How much is too much for a tooth? Sherri Shepherd shares her answer and we want to hear your opinion, too!

Sherri Shepherd realized she only had a twenty dollar bill in her purse and said that she was going to start looking for change. “NO WAY am I giving $20 to a 6 year old for a first tooth lost… geesh, where do you go from there? A car for the 2nd tooth… a house for 3″

She settled on giving her son a dollar: “Almost missed putting that $1 under Jeffrey’s pillow. He woke up, saw the $1 and said ‘but Mommy the toof fairy was s’pose 2 leave a toy'”

Our Tooth Fairy pays $1 for a tooth. But, some pay more or leave a present.

How much does your Tooth Fairy pay for a tooth?

Photo: Twitter