Weird Celebrity Baby Names: Gary Busey Celebrity Baby Names Hotline (Video)

Alicia silverstone baby name bear blu
Alicia Silverstone latest celeb to choose weird baby name

Looking for an explanation for all of those weird celebrity baby names out there? Look no further than the off-the-wall Gary Busey!

In this Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch, watch Gary Busey spin some of his baby name creations to meet the unique naming needs of celebs.

With Alicia Silverstone being the latest celeb to drop a bomb of a name on her kid (Bear Blu), and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon saddling their twins with the names Moroccan and Monroe, the kooky names just keep coming.

In the Jimmy Kimmel sketch (video), Busey announces,”Hi, I’m Gary Busey, and I name babies,” offering up a naming hotline that includes suggestions like “Papaya Aquarium,” “Snuggie Hammerhead” and “Scooter Pooter.”

Note the warning that “Gary is a baby namer, not a baby holder. Do not let him handle your baby.”

While the Gary Busey sketch on Kimmel is pretty silly, you can’t deny that celebs really try to one-up one another in the crazy baby names department!

Watch Gary Busey’s Celebrity Baby Names Hotline video:

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