Weird Oscar Predictions: What Do Oscar the Grouch & Harriet the Cross-Eyed Opossum Think?


Predicting who will win the Oscars has generally been a sport left to psychic, professional odd makers or film critics. But this year some very interesting celebrities are giving their two-cents who will win. And it’s not the movie star next door. No, this year an opossum and Oscar the Grouch give their opinions on who will win. Check them out here!

Academy Award Predictions from Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum
When trying to figure out who will win the Oscars what better being to ask that an opossum. And not just any opossum, but a cross eyed one. Check out the Academy Award predictions from Heidi the Cross-eyed opossum right here.

Oscar the Grouch Gives His Oscar Wins
Who better than Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street to give his predictions on who will win the Academy Awards. In this clip by those Sesame Steeters, Oscar gives his own trashy spin on it like “Colin Filth” and other garbage like puns.