Well, That Was Quick: Chris Evert and Greg Norman End Fifteen Month Marriage


chris-evert-greg-norman-splitI guess it’s not just Hollywood that sucks at marriage – tennis champ Chris Evert and golf legend Greg Norman have split after just 15 months of marriage.

“Chris and Greg will remain friends and supportive of one another’s family,” Evert’s rep said. Norman’s rep also confirmed the split. Evert and Norman, who were both previously married for 18 and 25 years respectively, were married in a sunset ceremony in the Bahamas in June of 2008. At the time Norman had said, “Marriage is better than I expected.”

The couple also said how they were looking forward to their new, large blended family – Norman has two children from a previous relationship who are grown and live away from home and Evert has three sons, Alex, 16, Nicky, 14, and Colton, 12, who live with the couple in Boca. Doesn’t sound like the kids were the cause of the friction in the marriage, since Evert was quoted several times as saying, “They all mesh very well.”