Bronx, Pete And Ashlee - A Family Affair


bronx-and-family-ashlee-simpson-pete-wentzThis is a very sweet picture of Pete, Ashlee and Bronx. Yes, it may be from when Bronx was a tiny baby, but as little as we got to see him it’s nice to see he had some normalcy then.

Pete wrote on his website that he didn’t really want to put pictures of Bronx out there, but has since changed his mind.

You know I wrote that I didn’t really want to post pictures of Bronx out there. I feel like it would be damaging to our family and besides, he’s not old enough to decide if he wants to be an avatar or not. But the truth is I want him to know there is other stuff out there on the web about him that isn’t damaging and is just normal. Besides we had an old friend come and just take some pics so we could remember him when he was this lil. He’s blonde now.”

Good for him. I think he may have Bronx’s best interests at heart, no matter what anyone says about him.