Wesley Sneijder: Hot World Cup Dad!


The World Cup has a lot of hot dads (we recently added Cristiano Ronaldo to the list), and now let us introduce you to another: Dutchman Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder, 26, is a midfielder and has been playing professional soccer for years. While his career has taken off, his personal life hasn’t been without drama.

Sneijder had a son with ex-wife Ramona Streekstra in 2006, but the marriage took a nosedive last year when he was caught cheating with model Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen (who was then dating a Dutch pop star). Confused yet? Despite sending his marriage to a messy grave, Sneijder was able to continue his massive career, even taking David Beckham’s jersey number when he was sold

Wesley Sneidjer’s girlfriend stuck around, though, and the couple married soon after (Sneijder even converted religions for his Catholic girlfriend, complete with baptism in Italy). Now Sneijder’s son, Jessey, has a new stepmom and a dad whose played in the World Cup (who sports a massive tattoo for his son on his left arm) — and who’s apparently in demand for one of soccer’s most famed teams, Inter Milan.

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