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Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps Are Not Christian

By Michelle Lamar |

elizabeth-edwardsWestboro Baptist Church and leader Fred Phelps do not act like Christians and this group should not be looked upon as a Christian group.  Westboro Baptist Church and leader Fred Phelps will picket Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral on Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Westboro group is frequently in the headlines for its extremist opposition to homosexuals, Jews and other groups.

The basic teachings of the Christian faith are steeped in the message of “do unto others”, treat others how you would like to be treated.

For example, the members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church protest military funerals as some sort of show against homosexuals. The reason this group is picketing Elizabeth Edwards funeral?  She didn’t mention God in her Facebook status update the day before she died.

Westboro Baptist Church members will hold a protest and picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m. and make no mistake, there is absolutely nothing CHRISTIAN about this protest.  I’m a practicing Catholic and I’ve studied my share of the Bible, but I’ve never read anything in the Word of God that directs people to be cruel or evil.

It is appalling that Westboro members would inflict more pain on a family that has been through so much. Their actions go against the very fiber of the Christian faith and they should be ashamed.

Westboro Baptist Church is NOT a Church—it’s a cult.

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22 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps Are Not Christian

  1. irishmarcia says:

    these morons need to be stopped.class.action.suit for envasion of privacy. Elizabeth
    Edwards was a brave & spirited woman. She deserves respect &
    dignity when she is laid to rest.
    Her young children should not
    have to endure the assanine
    protestors. They will get their
    just rewards when they go to

  2. rachel says:

    Are you new or something? The WBC has been demonstrating hateful, un-Christian behavior for quite a while now. They have been protesting military funerals, gay pride events, and Hollywood awards shows for years. They are obvious famewhores. No one in their right mind would recognize them as “Christian”. Did it really take their protest of a white, upper-class, straight woman’s funeral to get you to notice that they aren’t legit?

  3. Citizen Mom says:

    C’mon, let’s not allow this church’s idiocy to provoke us. Whatever wakes us up to injustice should be applauded, not criticized. We should welcome all newcomers to the fight, not say things intended to make them feel uninformed.
    Also, if you live near there, there will be a counter protest – spread the word.

  4. d28bob says:

    The Phelps clan picketed a military funeral here (near Kansas City) and the entire town turned out early and blocked every possible parking spot- the Phelps had to park more than half a mile away on a bitter November day. Take heed, Raleigh – they can be outwitted!

  5. Jerry T. Brownstead says:

    This man Fred Phelps is about as much a preacher as Al Sharpton…All he really is is “the wolf in sheep’s clothing” spoken about in the bible..I am an independant baptist and am deeply ashamed that these people even associate themselves as independant baptist..I or my church would never condone such un christian actions such as protesting at military funerals or the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards..And the hate and filth that spews out of their hearts and mouths..Maybe they should move to another country akin to Jonestown since Fred Phelps appears to be another Jim Jones..He has judged folks as busting Hell wide Open????I guess he never read the words Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”..I will not dignify Fred Phelps with the word Mister..He don’t deserve that title..But if he reads this surely in his heart he know’s that he himself is Satan’s brother..God Bless to all the real and True Christians out here that still believe’s and stands on the promise of being bought by the blood of our saviour Jesus Christ on calvary and his blood washing away our sins..I’ll take my Jesus promise over Fred Phelps anyday..If you are saved by the blood of Jesus and you confess him with your mouth You can and will not Loose your salvation..We all have come short of the glory of God..Some of us do things that don’t please God..Gay lifestyles,Adultry,Fornication,etc..And as a Christian I would do whatever I can to help someone see the right way..Yet vengence is the Lord’s NOT Fred Phelps..And each and every one of us will have to stand and be accountable of our own actions in life..So to Fred Phelps and members of Westboro Baptist Church wake up and see what you are doing BEFORE it is to late..If Fred Phelps is not preaching about THE BLOOD and salvation tell him to take a hike..He is a false prophet..

  6. Trish says:

    Rachel, while I appreciate you also don’t like them, your attack on the other posters makes you just as hateful. Don’t play into the side of hate. Support those who see the hate for what it is; it doesn’t matter when or how they see it, it’s the fact that they do. Please remember that before you spew your own hate.

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  8. Tired of Kate says:

    I recently participated in “Operation Patriot Shield” in Harrisonville, MO – where 3,000 citizens lined the streets beginning at 7:00 a.m. on the day of a local soldier’s funeral – so we could “shield” his family from the hatred of Fred Phelps. It worked; Fred & his gang couldn’t get NEAR the family to protest, and eventually gave up and left town. Start sending out Facebook notices in Raleigh to line the streets of the funeral procession for Elizabeth Edwards, and do your own “Operation Patriot Shield” for her. It’s the only way to stop this lunatic.

  9. Michelle says:

    Good for YOU. Wow, thanks great idea! I’ll write it up.

  10. anonfoot says:


    Do you really call that hate? It was mild criticism at best. Rachel makes a good point; most Christians already knew WBC was nothing but a sham, but one wonders why some people didn’t notice earlier.

  11. Jim MacQ says:

    The ugly truth: This is actually a money-making scam for the Phelps mob. They are all lawyers; they try to be as provocative and antagonistic as possible without breaking the law in order to provoke people into attacking them. When that happens, they sue the person, the city, the cemetery, and anyone else they can think of. This is how they support themselves.

    The best possible response is ridicule. Mock them. They can’t stand that.

  12. Sher says:

    Here is a letter I sent to this poor misguided group of people, comments are welcome!

    Letter to Westboro Baptist Church:

    I’m sure that what I’m about to say, you’ve already heard, but I feel compelled to say it anyway.
    After reading that you plan to picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral, all I could think of is “why”? Why do you put forth so much energy in condemning people instead of loving them? Don’t you see that you are bastardizing God’s word? Do you not realize, that even in your website’s “tagline” scripture from Leviticus, there is only a portion of the message? Do you honestly think you will bring people closer to God by perpetuating all this hate? God doesn’t “hate fags”, he hates the act. God doesn’t hate ANYBODY. He hates sin, not the sinner. If you truly believe that He does, in fact, hate sinners, perhaps you should all fall on your knees and give up, because, you’re all sinning by spreading hate. You do not have the right to decide what is in a person’s heart. Only God can. We do not get into heaven or wind up in hell by our deeds alone. The fact that you are using the Old Testament as a rulebook only tells me that something is terribly wrong with your interpretation of God’s word, commandments and, above all, Love and Grace. I think you should pray a little more and read a little less. And when you do go back to reading, read with an open mind and heart, see the reason that Christ came, and the reason He was crucified, and the reason He was resurrected. All you’re doing is making a mockery of Christianity. In a world that already “abhors” Christians, you make us all look like a bunch of “religious zealots” instead of what most of us are, or at least should be, which are walkers in the Light of Christ, teaching the way He did, loving our enemies and helping each other to know Him more.
    In the meantime, we will all pray for you, that you see the Light and soften your hearts for all of God’s children.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Sher Bach

  13. Leo says:

    What Bible is this Michelle Lamar reading??? My guess would be one that doesn’t include the Old Testament, because that is a horrible book, as well as the one that inspires the hate the Phelps demonstrate. Let me just ask you all this: What did Moses do to the people who worshiped the Golden Calf? It is in Exodus chapter 32. Please look it up. That is just one example of many of the horrors of the Bible. By the way, the New Testament isn’t really any better, because that is what teaches us that we get punished for our “sin”. Perhaps you have heard from pastors or apologist that the reason evil exists in this world is because of our sin? I’m sorry, but the Phelps clan actually take Christian teachings to the logical conclusion in which they lead. I don’t agree with them because (thank God) I’m an atheist!

  14. Ben says:

    @ LEO:
    Don’t you see you’re exactly the same as them? You are attacking us because of our beliefs, just as they attack others. Your hypocrisy is astounding!

  15. monkey says:

    Christianity is just silly whether these guys are Christians or not. Do unto others you would do to them? No. This is incorrect. If Fred Phelps dishonoured his idea of God he would probably want to punish himself. If a rapist wanted to have sex with a woman, he would want the woman to have sex with him? This is primitive, Bronze-age morality, from a dated, non-sensical silly book and leads to a lack of empathy and silly Fred Phelps-like behaviour. At least he is not burning people at the stake though…envisioning yourself in another person’s shoes and using reason to understand what will be an infringement upon them and what would not is the better option. Drop the religion. It’s dumb.

  16. Teach says:

    Punishment for sin is only one option–forgiveness is the other, and with forgiveness comes peace. You can tell me any scientific facts that you want to to try and prove that God doesn’t exist, but you won’t hinder my faith in the least, and it’s not because I’m too naive or too stupid to think outside of what I have grown up believing. I, like many people, made some really bad choices during my college years that could have changed my life drastically in a very negative way, but thankfully, I didn’t end up having to suffer the consequences. If I were to be “punished” for all my sins, as you say, my story would be much different. Instead, I’ve asked for forgiveness, prayed for guidance to walk a better path, and as a result, I’m a very blessed person.

    My life is far from perfect, but with every obstacle that’s thrown my way, I have the comfort of knowing it’s part of God’s plan and that things will turn out the way they’re supposed to. I would be a terrified and depressed person if I didn’t have that to look forward to.

    I went to college at Washburn University in Topeka and lived within a mile of the Phelps for two years, and every day I had to see them it made me sick. Now, that I’ve moved past that major struggling point in my life, they make me completely enraged. They take pieces of the Bible out of context and use them to send hateful messages to everyone–they don’t even begin to represent what a Christian is supposed to be. The angry part of me wants to see them hurt or worse, but the Christian part of me feels nothing but pity for them. They’re lost, confused, and in my opinion (I’m not in charge of judging how people spend their eternity, so I can’t say for sure), are headed straight for Hell. Even for them, though, forgiveness and salvation are options. They’re headed to my hometown soon, and as much as it enrages me that they would descend on such a small, innocent place (think Mayberry), all I’ve felt compelled to do since I heard they were going there is pray to God for Him to forgive them.

    So Leo, tell me, why I would I want anything but nasty, terrible things for them if Christianity is really the horrible thing you described, the thing where we only get punished? Yes, the Old Testament has some terrible stories in it–I’m really glad that Christ came and we got the New Testament! It’s not about punishment–it’s about admitting that you screwed up and asking for another chance, a pretty simple task.

    Please understand, I’m not hostile towards you. I have a good friend who’s an atheist, and she and I have had multiple discussions similar to this one. I just wish you could see what I can feel.

    Just to back up the point I was trying to make:
    “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

    “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.” Isaiah 43:25-26

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  18. Tonya says:

    All the more reason I am happy to be an atheist.

  19. Gordan G. says:

    As someone who grew up, and still resides in Kansas, it appalls me to know that Phelps is still alive and kicking. I have no religious affiliation whatsoever, and every time I’m in Topeka, especially when going by the WBC, I cringe. Its especially bad this time of year, when Phelps and his hooligans protest in front of the Topeka Performing Arts Center, usually during shows The Nutcracker, shows where children are present.

    Anyway, I’m sorry that they think they can prove a point by picketing funerals. All I can think when is see them is just how cowardly they are for picketing people who can’t fight back. I hope anyone who reads this in the Topeka area will join me so we can picket Phelps’ funeral after this old turd kicks the bucket.

  20. Angela says:

    Phelps and his goonies are ANTI CHRIST! there is no way they are Christians because normal Christians do not act like this. This is the product of an ANTI CHRIST where they’re trying to get people to turn away from God.

    Phelps makes me sick,

  21. Sher Bach says:

    No God = No Peace vs Know God = Know Peace! Amen!

    To all the Atheists or otherwise “non-believers”. Do you go through life with no problems? Is your life complete, you have no wants or needs? No stress, a yellow brick road unfolds in front of you as you walk? These things are going to happen, whether you’re a Christian or not. The goal of a Christian is to wind up in heaven at the end of our time on Earth. We don’t GET into heaven by deeds alone.
    And just like there are fanatical Christians, there are fanatics at every level of life. There are fanatic Atheists as well. You just don’t ever hear about them because that’s not “news”. But if a Christian falls…look out.
    Ask yourself this question…
    Its the end of your life, you’re taking your last breath and closing your eyes for the last time. You’re a believer. God takes you “home” with Him. On the flipside, you don’t believe. On your death bed, you insist that there be no praying or any sort of “religion” at your funeral.
    What if you die without believing? Where will you wind up?
    What if you die and you do believe? What’s the worse thing that could happen? What’s the best thin?

  22. guest says:

    The Phelp’s ARE not teaching the word of God. If they were following the Lord Jesus Christ..they would be meek..not arrogant. We are to be conformed to Christ’s image. If we look at Jesus we will see Love,peace,faith,gentleness,joy,patience,tolerance,kindness. Fred phelp’s and family are vindictive,hateful,arrogant,meanspirited,intolerant,They go out of their way to destroy and wound. I have seen and heard the thing’s that come out of the mouth of shirely and fred phelp’s and let me tell you..jesus said it’s not what we put into our’s what comes out of it that defiles and beleive me they defile themslves. These are the people Jesus warned would someday stand before Him and He will say ‘i never knew you’. These ppl. are contantly stating all have sinned their grace away yet what they are so blind to is they have called The Lord Jesus a lier many times over as they claim God hates.They have horribly rejected the grace of God through Jesus.I shudder with these ppl. standing in the presence of a Holy God whom they reject daily.

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