Westboro Baptist Church : What It Protests

Protests at Elizabeth Edwards Funeral?

The Westboro Baptist Church is sending protesters to Elizabeth Edwards’s funeral. All because she didn’t give a shout out to God in her facebook status update the day before she died.

Really? Leave this poor woman’s family alone?

But, the Westboro Baptist Church is often found protesting. Here are some other things they have protested in the past:

*They are threatening to protest an L.A. Stage production of “The Laramie Project,” which is about the murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998: Shepard was beaten to death in an act of anti-gay violence. They had previous picketed Shepard’s funeral.

*Last week, Westboro Baptist Church was scheduled to protest outside of Brandis University as  a showing of the church’s anti-Semitic views.

*They protest military funerals as some sort of show against the nation’s attitude toward homosexuality.

The list could go on. But, I’ve had enough. Have you? Westboro Baptist Church has the constitutional right to protest, but should they?

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