What?!? Are Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx Dating?


Denise Richards

Denise Richards? She really, and I mean really, likes the bad boys.  First she was married to the very wild (and troubled) Charlie Sheen. But she couldn’t tame him even after marriage and two children. Then she had a “rocky” relationship with Richie Sambora. And now it’s being rumored that she is dating…Nikki Sixx! Really?

According to UsWeekly, Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx have been spotted together having lunch and the two  “have been neighbors for years. They have a lot in common and are taking things slowly.” Both are parents, both are a bit racy and both are definitely wild. Nikki Sixx recently dated Kat Von D and has a history with Playboy model and Denise Richards is famous for being a bond girl and a star of the racy flick Wild Things.

Wild Things they both are…do you think this relationship is for real and if so, will it last?

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