How Michael Jackson's Mom Is Helping His Kids


Paris and Prince JacksonIf you watched The Grammy’s you would have seen Paris and Prince go on stage to accept Michael Jackson’s Lifetime Achievement Award. They looked composed and are both very cute, but how are they really doing? According to sources, the kids have been leading a life of normalcy with their grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Paris, 11, Prince, 12, and Blanket, 7, all live together in Encino, California with Katherine, their cousins and other relatives. With none of the chaos that followed their father, they are tutored, go to the library, have karate lessons and go to church.

“They like not wearing the masks,” the family source says of the trio. “It’s a different experience for them.”

Another source adds, “It would have been hard to imagine them going out in public or showing up at someone’s house hanging out and playing video games before [their father died],” says the source. “That had a lot to do with Michael, because every time he showed up there were bodyguards and [chaos]. And now, not so much. It feels much more normal and they’ve adjusted really well to that.”

It’s good to hear the kids are doing well. Katherine Jackson is obviously doing a great job at raising them.