What Are the Chances Angelina Jolie's Twins Have Down Syndrome?


Angelina Jolie looked movie made-up ready when her and Knox Jolie-Pitt appeared on their Venice balcony following the absurd rumors from the National Enquirer that Knox and his twin sister Vivienne have Down Syndrome.  Other than the fact these kids show no outward markers of the disease, they are fraternal twins who don’t share the same exact chromosomes or DNA. The chances of them both having DS is off-the-charts rare. Want to know how rare?

Just a quick back-of-the-hand calculation (keep in mind I’m not a doctor or mathematician): Per the National Institute of Health, a 35-year-old woman has a 1 in 400 chance of having a child with DS, which means, mathematically, there is 0.000625 percent chance that both twins, with different DNA, would have DS. And Angelina was only 33 when she gave birth to the twins, making it even more rare. So if you believe this story, I have another one for you: Suri Cruise is part alien from a specimen Tom Cruise stole from Scientology headquarters.