What Celeb Moms Really Think About Their Pregnancies

tori spelling pregnant
Tori Spelling admits to a pregnancy cliche

Sure, we can read or watch interviews from celeb moms-to-be and hear what they think about their growing baby bellies and how they are dealing with pregnancy. But, it all seems rehearsed sometimes.

When I want to know what someone really thinks, I go to Twitter! Do they have pregnancy cravings? How do they really feel about their baby bumps? It’s those random tweets that let us into their heads! Take a look at what these celeb moms-to-be have to say about pregnancy:

Tori Spelling: “I’m such a cliche… Pregger buying the giant pickle at the market. But DAMN its good!”

Pink: “Walking through a Vegas casino pregnant- I feel like a walking reminder for birth control…”

Alyssa Milano, after tweeting she was going to prenatal yoga and getting her hair blown out, she was asked about her hair: “Ha! You guys are cracking me up. Hair blown out = professionally blown dry! Because, since I’m preggers, I’m a spaz with the blowdryer, yo.”

Victoria Beckham, admitting to a mistake on twitter: “U r correct!!!mistakes due to my baby brain!!!!! X vb”

Niki Taylor: “Hubby & I waiting n line 4 the best ice cream n Brooklyn!! Baby wants, well really mama wants some ice cream;0)”

Photo: Twitter

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