WHAT?! 6 Celebs Who Made Controversial Parenting Statements - and Why It's Okay (Photos)

Not everyone agrees with Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr is many things: beautiful, fashionable, willowy, a good wife and mom…and a little more outspoken than some would prefer.

She recently stirred up a flurry of  controversy in an interview with the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar in which she discussed choosing natural birth. It wasn’t so much the choice itself as the reasons behind it.

After watching videos of childbirth, Kerr noticed that babies whose mothers didn’t use pain medication took to breastfeeding right away. “Then they showed them after the epidural, and that didn’t happen,” she told the magazine. “The baby was a little bit drugged up, and I was like, ‘I don’t want that.’ I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.”

That outraged moms who saw the comment as a dig at their childbirth choice and mothering skills. Comment pages on parenting sites were filled with mind-your-own-business and epidurals-are-safe responses.

My take? Kerr absolutely needs to work on her tact. Saying that epidurals “drug up” babies and suggesting that natural birth is the best method isn’t going to win her any fans at her neighborhood playgroup.

But maybe the reaction will help her become more aware that the “mommy wars” are far from over – we’re still quick to judge rather than accept or help – and prompt her to become part of the solution instead of the problem.

Other famous parents have said some pretty eyebrow-raising stuff recently, too – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. By helping open discussions and raise awareness, we come closer to finding real solutions to issues like insensitive language and mom-taboos that shouldn’t be taboo at all.

Take a look at our gallery and let us know if you agree!

  • Jennifer Aniston 1 of 6
    Jennifer Aniston
    She told the new issue of Spain GQ that she didn't think she needed to have a home, husband and family to be happy. But then she added, "Kids are messy!", which irked some fans. But maybe everyone's favorite Friend was trying to stop any more of the baby-bump-watching that's plagued her for years. And, well, let's face aren't the neatest creatures on earth, are they?
    See what else she had to say.
  • 50 Cent 2 of 6
    50 Cent
    The rapper isn't exactly famous for his tact, but telling a Twitter fan that "you look autistic" and that "I don't want no special ed kids on my time line" went WAY over the line. But if there's an upside to this story, it's that autism advocates refused to let him off the hook. Among them: actress Holly Robinson Peete, who sent him a scathing letter telling him that her son RJ, who has autism, is a huge fan. Maybe this will help Fitty - and the rest of the world - understand that mocking disabilities is neither funny nor cool.
    See the story here.
  • Pink 3 of 6
    Some folks thought Pink veered a little too far into TMI territory when she announced to Ryan Seacrest during a phone interview that she was nursing baby Willow as she spoke. She joked that "My left [breast] is more talented than my right." But we say: Good for her! The more we demystify breastfeeding - and the more comfortable moms feel about doing it discreetly whenever their baby is hungry - the better off we all will be.
    Here's the story.
  • Michelle Duggar 4 of 6
    Michelle Duggar
    The mom of the popular "19 Kids and Counting" show comes under fire often for her family's ultraconservative beliefs. Recently, she wrote that they wear long pants and dresses to avoid "defrauding" others by inviting lustful thoughts - and they don't go to public beaches because they don't want their sons tempted by the sight of all those bikinis. It's a rather extreme way to live - but on the other hand, would you rather have her be one of those moms who lets her toddlers dress like teens and her teens dress like "Jersey Shore" castoffs?
    See what Michelle has to say about modesty.
  • Kirstie Alley 5 of 6
    Kirstie Alley
    Kirstie let her Twitter followers know where she stands on the oh-so-hot-button issue of spanking. In a series of impassioned tweets, she said spanking is never right and that parents who hit are "bullies." That drew cheers from the anti-spanking crowd, and jeers from parents who believe physical punishment helps kids learn respect. We could do without the name-calling, but the topic is an important one that needs to be discussed by parents both famous and average.
    Here's one of Kirstie's tweets.
  • Vanessa Lachey 6 of 6
    Vanessa Lachey
    Breaking one of the Secret Mom Taboos, expectant mother Vanessa admitted she "always envisioned [having] a boy first." Turns out she's getting her wish, but she had to do a lot of backpedaling along the way, assuring fans that a healthy baby was her first priority. But why can't moms be allowed to admit they have a preference? It's not as though we won't love a boy even if we have dreams of buying ruffled dresses.
    Here's our take on her statement.

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