What Celebrity Moms Are Sharing About Their Kids On Twitter


57976551Ever wonder what celebrity moms are Twittering about? Their kids of course!

Click to read some of their recent Tweets…

@moonfrye My 2 year old walked into the video store yesterday and picked up #Goonies right away and handed it to me. I knew she was really my daughter.

@MellyJHart Nothing cuter then a 23 month old boy. Even if he is covered in chocolate and snot!

@CindyCrawford Took my kids to a Best Buddies bowling event yesterday and then to Universal Studios. The Simpsons ride was great, but made me nauseous!

@lisarinna My 8yr old just said “quiet on the set” Uh oh…

@ShannaMoakler My son just rode his bike without training wheels for the first time! So cool!!! Not sure what’s cuter him or how happy his sister is 4 him!

@torianddean In bed w/Liam watching a few mins of Batman before nite nite.Stella already asleep.I’m exhausted.Being a floral designer is hard work ha ha!

Do you Twitter about what your kids are up to? Do you like to post photos there?

Photo: @moonfrye