What Celebs Gave and Got This Christmas Season!


What was under your Christmas tree? Did you give your kid a Furby? Did you child receive a new snowboard? Or maybe you were lucky enough to get a handmade wine rack? If you answered yes to any of these question then you are doing Christmas just like a celeb! Well, kind of. You probably weren’t in St. Barts, had your Christmas dinner catered or got a Bentley as a present. But some of these celebrity Christmas presents represented here are down right normal, just like us!

Check out what the celebrities – from Neil Patrick Harris to Kim Zolciak gave and got this holiday season right here:

  • Neil Patrick Harris – Present Fail? 1 of 10
    Neil Patrick Harris - Present Fail?
    NPH wrote, "to do is play with a broom. #MerryXmas." Oops! If only he knew before hand!
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Pink’s Daughter Got a Sweet Ride! 2 of 10
    Pink's Daughter Got a Sweet Ride!
    Pink tweeted, "@hartluck is a tweaker with the stickers. I've seen him in his garage do this for HOURS..." Cute!
    Photo: Twitter
  • Pink’s New Wine Rack 3 of 10
    Pink's New Wine Rack
    Looks like Pink got a place to put her wine! "My man is awesome with his hands. @hartluck your welding ain't bad either;) merry everything."
    Photo: Twitter
  • Shanna Moakler 4 of 10
    Shanna Moakler
    Shanna Moakler showed off new spoon set. Everyone could use spoons.
    Photo: Instagram
  • Trista Sutter 5 of 10
    Trista Sutter
    Trista Sutter shared this photo of her son and his brand new snowboard! Photo: Instagram
  • Jenelle Evans 6 of 10
    Jenelle Evans
    Teen Mom Jenelle Evans shared this pic of her son Jace saying, "he got a Nubi from Santa :) he loves it. He says "it matches yours mommy", talking about my iPad lol."
    Photo: Instagram
  • Teresa Guidice’s Youngest! 7 of 10
    Teresa Guidice's Youngest!
    Teresa tweeted this super cute photo saying, "Audriana wearing same dress as her doll (xmas gift from Zia Maria)."
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • A Sheen Christmas 8 of 10
    A Sheen Christmas
    Charlie Sheen tweeted this photo of being in the midst of Christmas chaos at ex-Denise Richard's house. Looks like her youngest got a new ride! Charlie tweeted, "Merry Xmas to all my followers, fans, friends & enemies! All of my best wishes to you all! It's a very Sheen Xmas here!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Kim Zolciak 9 of 10
    Kim Zolciak
    Kim Zolciak shows off something she apparently loves, "This is what my girls got me! Amazing!"
    Photo: Lockerz
  • Kate Gosselin 10 of 10
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate Gosselin now has a whole lot more noise than just her eight kids, now she has a house full of Furbys! Now that's a loud house.
    Photo Source: Twitter

Photos: Via Twitter and Instagram


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