What Did Brad Pitt Get Angelina Jolie For Her Birthday? And is too Dangerous?


Angelina Jolie’s birthday was back on June 5th, but that doesn’t stop us from caring. The actress and mom of six got a pretty hot gift from her life partner Brad Pitt for her 35th birthday. It wasn’t a marriage proposal (as many had predicted), it wasn’t a great big rock (she’s not that much of a jewelry girl), and it wasn’t a new tattoo (it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for her to get one of those). Nope. Brad Pitt got her something much heavier, faster, and more dangerous… He got her a motorcycle.

According to Auto Racing Daily, Brad got her an Italian MV Agusta motorcycle. There’s no word what kind it was but their guess is a “Brutale.” Angelina said of the present, “I’m not sure what cc it is. But I can tell you it’s a proper bike and it’s powerful. I used to have a bike years ago, but I hadn’t owned one for a long time. Brad’s a really good teacher – he’s really patient. I’m very impatient so I can wreck a bike if I’m not careful. Sometimes we’ll go on the track together and there you can go really fast and let your hair down.”

Angelina does many of her own stunts and now she’ll be riding her own motorcycle…do you think she is taking too many risks with her life and limb while being a mom to six kids? Or should being a mom never slow you down?

Photo: PR Photos