What Did Jinkee Pacquiao Do While Hubby Manny Trained? Became A Champion Shopper! What Did She Buy?


Jinkee Pacquiao

What did Jinkee Pacquiao — the wife of Manny Pacquiao and mother of his four children do while her husband got ready for the big day? She shopped till she dropped!

Mrs. Pac Man got to Texas on Monday and has spent most of her time in Grapevine malls.

“Yeah, the tension is becoming too much as the days go by,” she told a sportswriter. “So to relieve myself of the tension, all I do is go to the malls and buy small things me and my children need.” She added, “Only mall-hopping actually. But if I find small things I and our children need, I buy them.” So what did she really buy?

But I think her definition of “small things” can be argued by many. She picked up a variety of thing from BeBe, which is one of her favorite clothing labels, And one of the other “small things” she picked up? A $11,000 Hermes handbag that she scored in Dallas.

But with how much Manny Paquiao is being paid for the fight, a $11, 000 Hermes bag is just a drop in the bucket.  Manny was guaranteed $15 million and depending on how many people bought the $55 Pay-Per-View ticket, he could be looking at an additional $10 million for a total of $25 Million!

Yeah, she afford as MANY Hermes bags as she’d like!

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