What Did Nancy Graces Twins Think Of Her Performance On Dancing With The Stars? (Photo)

Dancing queen Nancy Grace

They might only be 4-years-old, but they were probably thinking what the rest of us were thinking while watching “Dancing With The Stars” last night.

Contestant Nancy Grace’s two children, twins Lucy and John David were sitting front row with their grandparents cheering on their famous mother or rather, at least that’s what we thought they were doing.

While the tough-talking former prosecutor showed the country that she knows how to have fun (just don’t mention the name of a certain Florida mom that rhymes with “Lacey”) and that she has lots of “tart,” whatever that means.

And not to mention, some noticeable Christina Hendricks-like assets there, too.

While their mother was dancing the cha cha (and yes, she did a pretty good job), daughter Lucy was busy single-handedly picking the show’s winner.

Photographic evidence:

And there you have it.  Elisabetta Cannoli and Kristin Calamari (I don’t feel like looking up the spelling of their last names) can go home now.