What Did Sean Combs Get His Kid on His 16th B-Day?!?


diddyWhat are you planning on getting your kid for their sixteenth birthday? If they’re lucky, really lucky, maybe you’ll get a car, a used car. But Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs‘ son Justin…he didn’t just a regular old Toyota Corolla over the weekend. Nope, he got a Maybach. A 2010 sedan that goes for the shockingly high price tag ofabout $524,000 to $610,000! Yes, dollars.

Yes, a half a million dollar car for a kid that just turned 16. For that he could have gotten him a house! Like this six-bedroom house in Williamstown, MA or a charming six-bedroom estate in France, or maybe a 3 bedroom villa in Spain. Do you think that is just a sign of over the top conspicuous consumption or just his way of showing his kid some love.  (Update: The value of the car may be just $360,000…but STILL!) But Diddy did also throw in a $10,000 check but Justine opted to donate it to the Yele Haiti fund. Oh and  sneak a peek at his towering b-day cake below, that probably cost more than my own car!



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