What Do Celeb Kids Eat? Gourmet Food, Of Course!

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Having Dinner at Cafe Le Pain Quotidien on Broadway

For some celeb kids, only the finest will do…when it comes to food, that is. The New York Post recently reported that “twee-sine”, or kid friendly gourmet food is on the rise in New York City. “The only happy meals these kids want come with three Michelin stars.”

So chicken fingers, french fries and grilled cheese get out of the way – $33 crispy beef from Mr. Chow(restaurant co-owned by Robert DeNiro) is on it’s way in!

Celeb parents take their kids everywhere and that includes five-star, Michelin-rated restaurants. You’ll find Suri dining with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Cafe Le Pain Quotidien. You’ll seethe Beckham boys out and about with Victoria and David. And these kids want only the finest on their plates! 

The New York Post article also mentions that some of NYC’s most high-end dining establishments are experiencing an influx of younger diners and they aren’t altering their menus for them. So instead of hamburgers or pizza, these kids are eating$25 black cod with miso, $25 chopped chicken salad, and $33 crispy beef.

At one of the city’s priciest dineries, Per Se, general manager Anthony Rudolf says of the the $295-per-person, nine-course sampler that takes over four hours to consume: “We encourage the more adventurous kids to try the tasting menu…We have hosted children that have enjoyed offal preparations, such as ris de veau [fried calf glands].”

Um yeah. I don’t even think I’d want to try the ris de veau!

What do you think about the idea of ‘twee-sine’? Would you spend $35 (or $295!) on a meal for your toddler? I know I wouldn’t!