What Do Christine Marinoni and Danny Mozes Have In Common? Cynthia Nixon!

Cynthia Nixon

So what do Danny Mozes and Christine Marinoni have in common? Actress Cynthia Nixon!

Danny Mozes and 43-year-old Christine Marinoni have both had long term relationships, and children, with 44-year-old Cynthia Nixon.

Cynthia Nixon ended her 15 year commitment to her children’s father, British English professor and photographer Danny Mozes, in June 2003, and came out that she is gay. Since then, she has been with her partner Christine Marinoni. The couple have been engaged since 2009.

Nixon has two children with her ex-husband Danny Mozes;  14-year-old Samantha and 8-year-old Charles. Both children are excited about the new baby in their lives.

Nixon and Marinoni just announced the news of their son Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni, born to Marinoni this past Monday.

And a bit of Cynthia Nixon trivia for you: Cynthia Nixon is 1 of only 14 people to have ever won an Emmy, Tony, and a Grammy!

Photo: PR Photos