What Do Kate Hudson & Rachel Zoe's Baby Boys Have in Common? (Photos)

What Do Rachel Zoe and Kate Hudson Have in Common?

What do Kate Hudson and Rachel Zoe have in common?

Several things. They’re both blond. They’re both rich and famous. They both embrace the whole bo-ho thing. They both welcomed baby boys recently. But one notable thing that they share? The same taste in strollers!

Kate Hudson was spotted in London taking her baby boy for a walk using the same style stroller that Rachel Zoe has been spotted with in Los Angeles.

And this isn’t just any everyday stroller…this is a very special designer ride.  What are these lovely ladies scooting their sons around in?

The Bugaboo Missoni Stroller!

The stroller is available exclusively at high end retailer Neiman Marcus and comes with a knitted Missoni blanket.  You can check out more about this stroller right here.

Plus check out more photos of Kate Hudson taking her London stroll right here.

  • Kate Hudson 1 of 5
    Kate Hudson
    Kate Hudson bundled up for the London chill.
  • Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy 2 of 5
    Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy
    Kate and Matthew take their baby for a style of course!
  • Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy 3 of 5
    Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy
    The two have been spending a lot of time in London.
  • Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy 4 of 5
    Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy
    The two seemed amused that they've been spotted by the paparazzi.
  • Rachel Zoe 5 of 5
    Rachel Zoe
    And here is Rachel Zoe with her Missoni stroller!



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