What Does Madonna Think of Lourdes' Fashion Sense?


Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes are working together on their fashion line, Material Girl, and the original material girl isn’t worried at all Lourdes’ abilities to head a fashion brand.

The singer recently discussed her teen daughter’s innate fashion sense and style–partially thanks to mom. “She’s been to enough photo sessions, video shoots and seen me put my tours together to have developed a great eye,” Madge said.

Apparently, Lourdes has also had some hands-on fashion experience as a helper in the wardrobe department during some of Madonna’s tours–we supposed having an international pop star for a mom can be a perk for aspiring fashion designers.

Madonna, who has donned some of the most outrageous and interesting apparel in the past 20 years, has major respect for her daughter’s taste, noting that Lourdes is able to put together some pretty great outfits. “She’s the fashion police at our house and has a point of view on what everyone is wearing,” Madonna said. “I’m not saying we agree on everything but we enjoy collaborating together.”

Will you take your daughters to buy clothes from the Material Girl line, available in Macy’s on August 3?


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