What Does The Bachelor Brad Womack See In Crazy Michelle?


michelle on the bachelorThe Bachelor fans: were you suprised that Michelle received a rose last night? I thought for sure that her antics were finally enough for Brad Womack to send her home.

This whole season, Michelle has seemed a little crazy.

But, take a look at her antics from last night:

*When Chantal O. went off on her one-on-one date, Michelle said that she hopes Chantal gets attacked by monkeys or apes
*Michelle was happy it rained on Chantal’s date, hoping Brad had the worst date ever
*On Michelle’s group date, she was pissed that Brad would repel with anyone else, since they had made some sort of group pact that they would repel with each other. But, what did she expect Brad to tell the other girls?
*Michelle was bad-mouthing Chantel O. to Brad, saying she doesn’t see him with her.
*She shows up at Brad’s Bachelor house and tells him the order he should eliminated the girls in.
*Michelle can’t see Brad with any of the other girls, just her.

I know The Bachelor is edited to tell a story. And that people can come out looking much different than how they are in their every day lives, but Michelle certainly gave the show a lot of wacky material to work with.

How much longer do you think Brad will keep Michelle around? She can’t possibly be the final girl, could she?