What Doll Was Suri Cruise Carryin'? Think Pink.


article-1255669-08932960000005dc-825_468x662-1If I had to pick out a doll for Suri Cruise, this would be the one.  It’s girly, it’s pink, and it just screams Suri.

What doll –  who just happens to be a popular fictional book character – was Miss Cruise carrying?
Suri was spotted carrying the Madame Alexander Pinkalicious doll. Now having my own girly girl, I am extremely familiar with the Pinkalicious empire in all it’s hues such as purple and gold. My daughter got this soft plush doll as a Christmas present and it really is beautifully executed. This simple dollie really captures the spirit of the character, in her un-pinkish skin form that is. You can pick up one for your own Pinkalicious lovin’ girly girl from  Neiman Marcus here for $44.95.