What Effect Could Sandra's New Baby Have On Sunny James? An Expert Weighs In


Sunny James is the closest to Sandra of all Jesse James’ kids. She is also the youngest and was  raised by Sandra as her own. 

Now that Sandra and Jesse are getting divorced she will have a ton off issues to deal with. Add that to the fact that Sandra is not seeking custody of her, but has taken in a new baby—How must Sunny be feeling?.

We spoke with Beth Nonte Russell, a psychologist, mother of an adopted child, and author of the book Forever Lily.

She tells us:

“The issues for this little girl would be enormous….trust, security, sense of identity, and just general emotional overload from the chaos.  Her sense of loss would be so huge; she will have to go through a grief cycle about the abrupt end of the family she was hoping for and had begun to count on. 

Also she would have lots of anger and she would need help expressing this and all the other feelings in a healthy, as opposed to self-destructive, way.  At this point she has no idea what will happen to her or if she will ever see Sandra or her new brother again in any meaningful way.  If Sandra is able and willing to stay in her life, despite the breakdown of the marital relationship, it will make a huge difference in all of the above.

All that said, as a supporter of adoption, I applaud Sandra for bringing a new child into her home and hope that she is able to provide all of the children in her life with a loving, healthy environment.”

Sandra has been doing a great job keeping it together for Jesse’s children thus far and Jesse also seems to be willing to do what’s best for his kids and keep them as his main priority. We have high hopes that everything will work out fine for Sunny.