What Happened at End of Taylor Swift CMA Performance: Why Did Taylor Say "What?"

what happened at end of taylor swift cma 2010 performance mouths what
What happened at the end of Taylor Swift's CMA 2010 performance?

CMA’s 2010 weird moment: what happened at the end of Taylor Swift’s CMA performance, where she’s seen mouthing “What?!” after singing “Back to December”?

You would expect someone would have an answer for what happened at the end of Taylor Swift’s 2010 CMA performance of “Back to December” — and you’d be right!

There are loads of theories for why Taylor Swift was seen mouthing “What?” as the curtains came down.

First up, the sort of unofficial-but-slightly-official comment that one of her band members made on Twitter: “CMA snow still in my hair- our girl’s reaction to the standing ovation was super priceless..”whaaaa?””

USA Today supports that claim by saying that backstage at the Country Music Awards, Taylor was surprised by the audience’s reaction.

I’m a little skeptical, because honestly, I would think that Taylor Swift would be used to public standing ovations and general love and acceptance from her peers.

I’m also wondering about that standing ovation buzz because Taylor Swift looked kind of annoyed when she said “What?”

Was she stunned… shocked… annoyed?

Here are some other theories about what happened at the end of Taylor Swift’s CMA performance:

Theory 1: She got booed and was surprised by that reaction. I don’t know as I heard any boos from the audience did you?

Theory 2: She was overwhelmed by getting a standing ovation from an audience that included her musical peers. I guess that’s overwhelming, but her reaction and facial expression didn’t quite match that theory.

Theory 3: Taylor Swift’s performance was cut short she did finish the song, but maybe there was supposed to be more camera time and audience reaction? But the CMAs had to save time for Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance, so clearly timing was an issue.

Theory 4: Something was said in her earpiece. Not sure what that would be, but that’s one of the theories!

Theory 5: Taylor Swift saw a streaker in the audience. This theory just seems completely out there.

Theory 6: Swift was surprised by the snow falling in the auditorium… I like this theory! Someone posted this idea to Twitter, and the woman was actually at the CMA Awards, so I think this idea has merit.

So, what do you think happened at the end of Taylor Swift’s CMA Awards 2010 performance?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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