What Happened to Fergie's Face? Fergie Plastic Surgery or Fake Fergie on American Idol?

what happened to fergie's face american idol fake fergie
What happened to Fergie's face? Fergie fake!!

Okay, what happened to Fergie’s face? During American Idol, the Black Eyed Peas took to the stage to perform… well, I don’t know what they sang because I was too busy trying to figure out if it was a fake Fergie or the real deal.

Was that Fergie? Where was Fergie on American Idol?

If that WAS Fergie, what happened to her face?

My vote is that was a fake Fergie – maybe she’s sick or something? Because that totally didn’t look like Fergie, did it?

We’ll keep investigating and let you know what’s up with Fergie. It was just… odd.

American Idol Black Eyed Peas fake Fergie vs. Fergie plastic surgery video coming soon!