What Is Aqua Buddha? Rand Paul's Campaign Is Getting A Little Crazy! (Watch The Ad)

aqua buddha
Aqua Buddha: What would that look like exactly?

We all made mistakes during our college years I’d like to apologize to the ozone layer for my classmates’ use of hairspray but was Rand Paul part of a wacko religious sect who worshipped a god called aqua Buddha during his university years? Yes, according to his rival in the Kentucky Senate race, Democrat Jack Conway, who brought up the term during last night’s debate and recently debut a new ad referring to aqua Buddha in which he accusing Paul of belonging to a secret society that worshipped this nonsensical god.Here’s the background: A story in GQ earlier this year accused Rand Paul, son of frequent presidential hopeful Ron Paul and a father of three himself, of kidnapping a woman and demanding that she worship a god called “aqua Buddha.” Paul has said the story is untrue, though GQ insists that it fact-checked everything.

Some would say the aqua Buddha accusation is proof that we’ve gotten to the insane part of the election year, when desperation is palpable on either side. Some would say it’s irony a Democratic candidate accusing a Republican of rejecting Christian values for idol worship.

And some would just say they can’t wait till Nov. 3, when all this nonsense is over. Please count me among the latter.

If you’re interested, here’s the controversial ad:


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