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What Is Aqua Buddha? Rand Paul's Campaign Is Getting A Little Crazy! (Watch The Ad)

By ToniFitz76 |

aqua buddha

Aqua Buddha: What would that look like exactly?

We all made mistakes during our college years – I’d like to apologize to the ozone layer for my classmates’ use of hairspray – but was Rand Paul part of a wacko religious sect who worshipped a god called aqua Buddha during his university years? Yes, according to his rival in the Kentucky Senate race, Democrat Jack Conway, who brought up the term during last night’s debate and recently debut a new ad referring to aqua Buddha in which he accusing Paul of belonging to a secret society that worshipped this nonsensical god.Here’s the background: A story in GQ earlier this year accused Rand Paul, son of frequent presidential hopeful Ron Paul and a father of three himself, of kidnapping a woman and demanding that she worship a god called “aqua Buddha.” Paul has said the story is untrue, though GQ insists that it fact-checked everything.

Some would say the aqua Buddha accusation is proof that we’ve gotten to the insane part of the election year, when desperation is palpable on either side. Some would say it’s irony – a Democratic candidate accusing a Republican of rejecting Christian values for idol worship.

And some would just say they can’t wait till Nov. 3, when all this nonsense is over. Please count me among the latter.

If you’re interested, here’s the controversial ad:


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19 thoughts on “What Is Aqua Buddha? Rand Paul's Campaign Is Getting A Little Crazy! (Watch The Ad)

  1. Sirius Black says:

    The Dems better watch out on this one. Anybody who ever took too many bong hits on a lazy college afternoon can immediately relate to this. You see, nearly 30 years ago, two very bored and lonely young guys were doing some bong hits when their minds wandered to think about the prettiest girl on campus, who was also the most uptight. In a psychedelic haze they decided to go over to her dorm room and ask her if she wanted to come out and play. She probably gave them the condescending brush off whereupon they decided that they would tie her up with some soft suede bindings and spirit her away to allow her to share their secret magical realm. When she made it clear she would never accompany them there they agreed to free her provided that she acknowledge the greatness of the guardian of their favorite river,the August Aqua Buddha. No doubt they would have preferred to ravish her that day but their gentlemenliness and the gentle wisdom of the herb they had imbibed would never allow that. They never harmed her in any way. This very odd incident haunted the girl for three decades up to the present day. You see, if she had only taken that bong hit, she would have immediately understood. For all of you self-righteous ones who never experienced or did anything like this, I pity you. The recounting of this story is likely to endear Randy to everyone under 60 who is as Jimi Hendrix called it “Experienced.”

  2. Dave B in MN says:

    If a Republican put out an ad calling Buddha a “false idol” the media would be calling him a Nazi. More double standards.

  3. basshorn says:

    And just what skeletons does Jack Conway have in his closet?

    It seems that Dems have a way of accusing their rivals of that which they are the most guilty.

  4. Headless Unicorn Guy says:

    And just what skeletons does Jack Conway have in his closet?

    The Party Can Do No Wrong.

    Ees Party Line, Comrade.

  5. Tony Zito says:

    Good for Mr. Conway. Democrats have stood idle while Republicans have cooked up nonsense like Obama having been born in Kenya, or that he is under the spell of his father’s tribal spirit. Then there was the ludicrous attack on John Kerry’s war record, and the deliberate misconstruction of Al Gore’s comment about the internet. Let’s see – we also had Bill Clinton assasinating Vince Foster, and trading in drugs at a boarder air strip. I actually hope the story about Paul is made up, and I hope the Conway campaign keeps it coming. A dose of their own medicine is exactly what the Republican Party has coming.

  6. Emma Forsberg says:

    I have Bow to Aqua Buddha t-shirts! (Also new to the shop are The Rent is Too Damn High tees and buttons!)

  7. karen hall says:

    I usually vote a straight Dem. ticket, Rand is a Republican in my neighboring State of Ky. And i am ashamed of my Dem. party, good lord,this is the craziest thing i ever heard ,I am sure that was the intent, people will beleive this cause it is so weird must be true, I do not beleive this and it just made my party look crazy, could you not find something else, good lord.

  8. Preston says:

    I have tryed to find something, anything on Aqua Buddha, found nothing. I think someone contacted the Conway camp with big joke. It seems Conway is so stupid he believed it.

  9. TJ says:

    The more they mention this incident, the more people are going to vote for Paul. Conway just drove the last nail into his coffin.

  10. Tom says:

    Thank goodness he didn’t worship Obama like so many democrats!

  11. john says:

    why can’t people just put up ad campaigns that advertise themselves?

  12. katiee bates says:

    Jack Conway is just jealous. Duh.

  13. trainwreck says:

    what i dont get is that the documented facts against Rand Paul show that he is so off the deep end and out of touch with America, that this type of message should be unneccessary

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