What is Bethenny Frankels Closet Confession? (VIDEO)


Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is the newest celebrity to air their dirty laundry clean clothes on national TV.  Bethenny let viewers take a peak at her closet as part of Bluefly’s Closet Confessions series.

She said her closet is for function and she doesn’t have anything “extra.” She tries to stick with the classics, pieces that are timeless. She not afraid to make changes to her clothing, she pointed out a dress she got from a Dolce & Gabanna sample sale where she switched out the buttons. She’s crafty like that! There’s a hilarious moment when she pulls out a little black dress and declares… “this one says…I’m a whore.” She also takes a moment to pull out dresses from her closet that would be appropriate for the other housewives, proving she might just might have a future in stand-up. Other closet highlights include one of her Herve Legers bandage frocks, the dress she wore the night she met Jason, her comfy sweaters and her Chanel handbags.  She also says that “tailoring is the key” and that she’d tailor her underwear if she could. And her power color? It’s red.

Bethenny FrankelBut that’s not it, she also show’s off her daughter Bryne’s closet too. She said she would “never in the land of never would I spend $200 on a baby dress but she has a couple fancy dresses that were gifts.”  She also shows off her daughter’s Tutu (to wear to the shopping market), and her daughter’s adidas track suits (she said they’re thinking of all going as gangster rappers for Halloween).

She also keeps all her accessories separate. She uses a closet that is right off the kitchen that she thinks was actually supposed to be used as a pantry. Her shoes are very organized, all in clear boxes with photographs on the front of each one.

Would you ever let the world into your closet?

You can check out the video right here!