What Is Church of Body Modification? Would You Let Your Kids Join?

church of body modification
The Church of Body Modification believes in tattoos

The Church of Body Modification web site says that you can achieve spiritual enlightenment by piercing and tattooing your body. Ariana Iacono, a teenage girl in North Carolina who belongs to the church, says she’s been suspended from school because she has her nose pierced; she says the school is impinging on her religious rights by demanding that she take out the stud. So what is the Church of Body Modification?

Is it just a bunch of people trying to justify their tattoos and piercings by crying “religion?” And is this something you’d feel comfortable allowing your child to join?

The Church of Body Modification is, it turns out, a real organization. It claims that changing your body through tattoos and piercings can teach you more about yourself. How, I’m not quite clear on from the descriptions.

“Body modification” is defined as piercing, tattoos, scarification, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, as well as other, less common things.

The church says it is a non-profit entity doing business within a particular state, and has tax-exempt status from the IRS as a non-profit entity, so it is indeed a “real” church.

What do you think would you let your teenager join?


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