What is Most Important to Mom Michelle Williams?

What's Important to Michelle Williams?

What was Michelle Williams doing when she found out she was nominated for an Oscar award for her performance in My Week With Marilyn? She was doing what she always does when she is not away on a movie set, she was getting her 6-year-old daughter Matilda ready for school.

The two were at a friends house for breakfast while Michelle was putting a snow suit on Matilda when her pal shouted out, “Michelle, they just called your name on TV.” Michelle told Ann Curry on the Today Show that it was a “a very sweet way to hear that news.” She added that the Oscar’s had been on the forefront of her thoughts….“it slipped my mind, which is something that’s so great about having a kid. You get really absorbed.”

But getting nominations, winning awards and starring in movies isn’t her priority.  Matilda is.

“She gives me balance, and I know that any risks that I take in my work are actually safe, because nothing really bad can happen there. My success as a parent is what matters most to me,” explained Williams.

So sweet!

Photos: PR Photos