What is Nicole Kidman Growing in Her Garden?


Nicole Kidman is known more for glamorous gowns and Oscar winning roles than good old fashioned home steadin’. But apparently Ms. Kidman fancies herself a bit of a do-it-herself-er. And with the addition of a beloved daughter, she is now more than ever concerned about healthy eating. To give her family an organic option, Nicole is busy growing her own fruit and vegetable producing garden. And she reportedly “doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.” So what is she growing and harvesting at home?

According to reports Nicole is growing a variety of lettuces and corn at her and hubby Keith Urban’s estate in Nashville, Tennessee. She recently said, “We just planted our vegetables for the summer. I’m hoping the corn will be beautiful, because I love eating corn out of the garden.” And plants aren’t the only living things that will be sharing the land with the Kidman/Urban family. They also will be cohabitating with some alpacas. Nicole said that, “we just bought some alpacas. I’ve always wanted because of their long necks and eyelashes.”

Do you think Nicole really does her own farming or does she really have a gardener tend to the land?

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Photos: PR Photos