What is that Green Stuff Nicole Richie is Drinking?!? (Photos)

What is Nicole Richie Drinking?

Nicole Richie is one busy lady. She has several fashion businesses, writes books, is an avid gym addict, plus she has two kids to raise. One way she does it all? She spends quality time taking care of herself.

This week Nicole Richie was spotted looking very stylish as she left the gym, and she wasn’t just working out to get healthy, she was also drinking an elixir to make herself more healthy too. The drink in question? It was green, which means it has to be good for you right?

What was Nicole Richie drinking?

Nicole Richie was drinking the Green Alkalizer by Pressed Juicery. It’s mixture of cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne. Often their juices are part of their cleansing packages. The juices are made fresh daily and can be delivered to your doorstep – if you live in the LA area that is. You can read more about Pressed Juicery right here.