What is the Skirvin Crying Baby: Do the Knicks Believe In Ghosts?


Athletes are a superstitious lot to begin with. And apparently they also believe in ghosts. Which makes a great scapegoatghost for their loses. And who has haunted their play in the past? The Skirvin Crying Baby. What the Skirivin Crying Baby?

Last year the team claimed the the eerie crying of a baby ghost kept them up at night when they stayed at the Skirvin Hotel  – a Hilton property – in Oklahoma City.

The legend says that back in the 1930s a mother jumped out of a 10th floor window of the hotel with her baby in her arms. The ghost apparently haunts the hotel to this day. Eddy Curry had to shack up in Nate Robinson’s room due to the ghostly cries. And other players said they couldn’t sleep either.

Do you think the team could have been kept up at night by the ghost of a baby? Or were they just looking for excuses?

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