What Is Tiger Going To Do Next?


tigerwoods_450x400Tiger Woods may be heading to Arizona for rehab for sex addiction. We all know he has a problem, at least 15 of them and it seems that there is no end in sight.

There are four news stations in the Phoenix area that are claiming that he will be in the area after the New Year.
Meanwhile Woods, 33, was reportedly planning to go into rehab in Arizona in the New Year for treatment for ‘sexual compulsion’ and his use of Vicodin painkillers and Ambien sleeping pills.

The rehab wouldn’t be to save his marriage. We all know the divorce is imminent so this must be to save himself and his career. Is he doing this so he can fight to have a part in the lives of his kids?

He has to be such an unhappy person. His life is falling apart around him and he’s just trying to save whatever he can.

If he spends as much time and energy getting better and trying for his kids, then he may be able to salvage some sort of amiable relationship with Elin. She may not hate him for this forever.


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