What?!? Jay-Z Had Special Suites Built for Beyonce at Lexon HIll Hospital?

Jay Z & Beyonce Splash Out on Birthing Suite

Oh, those filthy rich people, they do the craziest things!

Case in point, the new rumors about the birthing suites that Jay-Z reportedly had built for the birth of Baby Blue Ivy. Apparently the regular deluxe VIP suites at Lenox Hill Hospital were not plush enough for Beyonce’s pushing. What did they have made JUST for Beyonce and baby Blue?

“A month ago, [workers] tore down 6-8 rooms and turned them into 2 suites,” a Lenox Hill Hospital source told Us Weekly. Beyonce and Jay-Z, “paid to have it constructed just for them.” Not sure why they would need two suites, but you know there were a lot of people with them when they checked in.

The suites reportedly features “mahogany walls and other posh accents.” And these “amazing” suites? No one used them for about a month until Beyonce was ready to check in. How nice were the suites?  “You’d want to live in there!” the hospital source gushed.

So the hospital turned 6 to 8 rooms into 2? This is usually not what hospitals would want to do, there is usually a shortage of rooms. But perhaps that 1.4 million that was rumored to be spent on the maternity rooms was not the renting of a whole floor but rather the creation of these two suites.  One has to wonder what will become of these two deluxe suites now? Will they be rented out and marketed as “give birth where Beyonce did!”?


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