What Jennifer Aniston Sees in Harry Morton: Is He Her Future Baby Daddy?

harry morton
Is Harry Morton "The One" for Jennifer Aniston?

Insiders are speaking out about Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Hard Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton, 12 years her junior, and it’s being depicted as perhaps “too early to tell” if this is a summer fling or the stuff future babies are made of. Regardless, it’s definitely on. “Harry has been to Jen’s Beverly Hills house and they have had several restaurant dates as well,” a source says. “Just like Jen, Harry is a dog lover and they both love the beach.” (Well, that might account for probably 70 percent of the population, but, okay.)

Aniston and Morton are about one month into their romance, and apparently it’s suiting Aniston.

“It still seems to be casual,” says the source, “but Jen has been glowing lately and seems very happy.

“Jen and Harry used to be neighbors in Malibu,” a source revealed. “Jen likes Harry because he is kind and low-key. Even though Harry is very successful and wealthy, he is not flashy and just like Jen, has a circle of close friends that are protective of him.”

Well, anyone is better than John Mayer, right? I guess only time will tell.


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