What Kind Of Birthmark Does Jessica Simpson's Daughter Have?

Maxwell Drew

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen the oh-too-adorable Twitpic of Jessica Simpson‘s precious 2-month-old daughter, Maxwell Drew. There are two things that you may notice in the pics (other than the fact that she is so cute with those big eyes and pouty lips): the birthmark on her forehead and well, that open bottle of wine behind her (but we’re not judging!).

Some of you may or may not have had children that have sported similar birthmarks when they were babies. As some readers might already know, some birthmarks are only temporary, others might sport them until they are toddlers and sometimes even longer. Baby Blog Center breaks it down for us and explains the kind of birthmarks that are out there and how they possibly form. They write:

“Stork bites,” “angel kisses,” salmon patches, and vascular stains: Blotchy pink or purple flat marks formed by dilated capillaries near the surface of the skin.

This is the most common type of birthmark, with up to 70 percent of babies having one or more. These birthmarks may become more noticeable when your baby cries or when there’s a change in temperature. The ones on the back of the neck, called stork bites, usually last into adulthood. The ones on the forehead or eyelids, called angel kisses, usually go away by age 2.

Tell us Babble readers, did your children sport any birthmarks? How long did they last?

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