What Kind of Party Will Pete Wentz Be Throwing For His Baby?


SPL101921_001Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson Wentz have some party planning to do. Their son Bronx Mowgli will be turning one later this month.  Will the party be themed for as a New York borough or maybe Jungle Book? Nope, they’re gonna go with a theme that is more square… square pants that is.

Looks like Bronx will be having a Spongebob themed party.  Pete told Ryan Seacrest, “We got the one-year birthday coming up which is going to be pretty awesome,” he says. “I think we’re going to go Spongebob.” And they already have some decorations, “We have these giant Spongebob paintings in our house and I said, ‘Spongebob’ a couple times when we were walking by it. Now [Bronx] has to stop every time we walk by and he says, ‘Bob.'”

The painting are undobtedly by the popular artist Kaws who Spongebob paintings are a big hit with the music set like Kayne West and super fan Pharrell Williams. Check out some of Kaws’ Spongebob tribute paintings below.