What Message is Demi Moore and Lisa Rinna Sending By Tweeting Bikini Pics?


When I first saw that Demi Moore Tweeted a bikini photo of herself that she took in the mirror, I thought, “How completely pathetic.” What mom in her 40s stands around her bathroom taking photos of herself to post online? (Well, at least ones not trolling around for partners on Craigslist.) And then Lisa Rinna joined the party, which is doubly pathetic, because she clearly thought what Demi did in the first place was cool. Here’s the thing: what’s their point? They look good for 47 and having had kids? Well congrats, ladies! You both clearly have had boob jobs and my guess is some liposuction as well.

Which I don’t begrudge. Hey, do what you can to look fabulous. But then to post photos of themselves as if that look is attainable for the average 47-year-old mom who doesn’t have the resources to surgically alter their bodies seems disingenuous. Unless of course the caption read: “Get some plastic surgery and you, too, can have my body.” Plus, what message does it send the teenage girls who may look up to them? Post photos of yourselves in skimpy outfits online — that’s what! Instead of inspiring (if that was their intention) women in their 40s to get in shape and look great in a bikini, it comes across like a shallow move for two women who clearly lack a sense of maturity. And a person willing to take the photo for them. Isn’t Ashton Kutcher the spokesperson for Canon — you’d think he’d be capable of taking some shots so she didn’t have to do it herself in the mirror. Or is it that these two women don’t get enough attention as it is so they need all of their followers to say, “Wow Demi, you look great!”

Did you think these tweets were bizarre or is it just me?

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