What Perez Hilton Said About Michael Jackson



I can’t imagine that anyone will be surprised by the stupidity of Perez Hilton, both today and generally speaking. There is a reason that people beat him up (not condoning violence).

Earlier today when Michael Jackson was first rushed to the hospital for cardiac arrest Perez took the low road, or as the rest of us call it “the usual” and made some jokes about Jackson that he has since removed.

Sure, Perez Hilton isn’t a parent or a celebrity, but Michael Jackson was both and the comments that Hilton made were in poor taste even before Jackson died.

As I said, he has removed his post, but thanks to the wonder of Twitter (it’s a love/hate thing) we have a copy of it for your disapproval:
I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Perez Hilton may soon be losing his crown as “Queen of All Media” with the stuff he’s been selling lately.

Bad show, Perez.


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