What Real Housewife Puts Her Baby in High Heels?


A mystery has been solved. I know now how buys these tacky and tasteless Heelarious high heels for infants.

What Real Housewife was photographed with her dolled up daughter sporting a pair of the Brooke leopard print high heel crib shoes?

It’s none other than Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The same Teresa who flips tables at dinner parties,  and who won’t live in a pre-owned house because it’s “gross.”  The reality star was photographed for the pages of InTouch Magazine with her fourth daughter, 8-month-old Audriana. Dlisted said it best stating that the baby was “dressed up like a chorus girl in Moulin Rouge.” But shoes aside, the kid is pretty darn cute!

Would you ever put your baby in a pair of Heelarious heels?

Source: Dlisted and InTouch