What RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Bought on Her Post-Bankruptcy Spending Spree


Teresa GiudiceI wanted to give “Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Teresa Giudice the benefit of the doubt when I saw that she spent $60,000 shortly after her and husband Joe Giudice’s bankruptcy filing. Maybe she gave it to charity? Or she was paying for a medical procedure? Even donating to a political candidate?

But no. Turns out this shopaholic was just blowing yet more unnecessary dough when she and Joe already owe a startling $11 million.

What sort of message is this sending her daughters? Well, probably about the same message they get when mom drops $2,000 on them at a fancy-schmancy kids’ boutique on one episode of “RHONJ.” To see what Teresa spent her money on after filing for bankruptcy, read on.

Apparently the Giudices are doing some redecorating of the three houses they can no longer afford.

Just days after filing for bankruptcy, and days after plunking down $21,000 for furniture, they paid $8,800 for custom curtains (hey, Giudices, ever hear of off-the-rack?) and another $45,000 on frames, mirrors, tables, urns, chairs and wall hangings.

Noted the judge in the case, in the day’s biggest understatement, “These were not Ikea-purchased furniture items.”

You gotta feel sorry for the Giudices’ attorney, James Kridel. He filed the receipts with the court and admitted that the spending spree might look like “conspicuous consumption.”

Sheesh, you think?


Photo: Bravo