What Teresa Giudice REALLY Thinks About Her Family Being Cast


Teresa GiudiceThere are some stilettos to be filled in Real Housewives of New Jersey land. After Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub left the cast, there are two or more slots open. And the producers of the show apparently aren’t looking too far. They’re going to try to keep the reality show a family affair.

There have been rumors that not one but two of Teresa Giudice‘s family will be the new additions, her sister in law Melissa Gorga has been asked to join and now it looks like they’re also going after her cousin Katherina Wakile. But

a source told RadarOnline that Teresa, “isn’t happy that her family is being asked to join the cast. She feels as if her entire family is being approached to be a part of the show.” And you know how she tries to protect her family, think of her crazy reaction when Danielle brought up her nephew on the air. But Teresa is saying…don’t believe the hype.

A follower on Twitter wrote to Teresa asking, “Is your family is joining the cast?” Her reply? “Bravo hasn’t announced casting yet but they interview lots of our family & friends.” She continued to say, “don’t believe the fake feud rumors. I’m fine if any of my family members–SILs, cousins, secret nephews–or friends join cast b/c I ♥ them.” Love the addition of “secret nephews,” it’s nice to see she has a sense of humor.

But she has some concerns, “I will not ♥ it if they get attacked though. Who would want to see their family hurt b/c of a TV show? Paparazzi pick thru my garbage cans…” The paparazzi digs through their garbage cans? Wow, that’s pretty hardcore.

Do you think the program will be the two sets of families? The Manzo/Laurita and the Giudices?

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