What Teresa Giudice's Family Has Been Up To: Fun! Fun! Fun! (Photos)


There’s never a dull moment for Teresa Giudice and her family. Besides the always present reality TV cameras, the best-selling books, the personal appearances and the tweeting, Teresa manages to also provide oodles of family fun time for her and her four girls.

Teresa and family have been sharing a slew of adorable photos of them celebrating the holidays, paying homage to Teresa’s parents (who celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary), and their SUPER adorable Christmas card.

Check out what Teresa and the Giudice gang has been up to right here:

  • Audriana Shopping Spree 1 of 15
    Audriana Shopping Spree
    Dina Manzo, Audriana's godmother, took her out to spoil her! She wrote, "Took little Miss Audriana on a Xmas shopping spree #goddaughter #gaymonstercoat #loveher #toocute."
    Photo Source: Twitter/Dina Manzo
  • Party Time! 2 of 15
    Party Time!
    "They are headed out to a birthday party."
    Photo Source:Twitter/Teresa Giudice
  • Fabulous! 3 of 15
    Teresa shared this adorable photo of her daughter giving an adorable pose in her "Fabulous" shirt. Cute!
    Photo Source: Twitter/Teresa Giudice
  • Nonna and Nonno 4 of 15
    Nonna and Nonno
    It was Teresa's parent's 42nd wedding anniversary! Gia shared this photo saying, "Happy Anniversary Nonna and Nonno love u guys!"
    Photo Source: Twitter/Gia Giudice
  • Cousin Pile Up! 5 of 15
    Cousin Pile Up!
    All the Guidice cousins in a great big pile at Teresa's house! Looks like fun!
    Photo Source: Twitter/Shelia Giudice
  • Christmas Card Inside 6 of 15
    Christmas Card Inside
    And how cute is the inside? Adorable!
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • The Giudice Christmas Card 7 of 15
    The Giudice Christmas Card
    Gia shared this adorable Giudice Christmas card.
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Milania Joins Instagram 8 of 15
    Milania Joins Instagram
    Another one of Teresa's daughter has dived into the world of social media! Gia shared this image along with a call out saying, "Follow my crazy sister MILANIA!!!!!!! @milaniarox123
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Yum! 9 of 15
    Gia shared this delicious array of treats from Christmas Eve. Yum!
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Gia and Her Cousin! 10 of 15
    Gia and Her Cousin!
    Gia with her cousin Miranda on Christmas Eve.
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Gia and Her Baby Cousin! 11 of 15
    Gia and Her Baby Cousin!
    Such a sweet photo. Gia wrote, "My adorable cousin and I! #little #cousin #so #cute #love #her #christmas #colors."
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Gia and Her Dad! 12 of 15
    Gia and Her Dad!
    Gia tweeted out this cute photo of her and her dad.
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Gia and Her Grandparents 13 of 15
    Gia and Her Grandparents
    Gia with her grandmothers, she tweeted, "I love my grandparents so much I don't know what I would do without them! #love #christmas #nonna #nonna."
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Card Back 14 of 15
    Card Back
    Even the back of the card is adorable.

    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice
  • Gia and Grandpa! 15 of 15
    Gia and Grandpa!
    Gia tweeted, "I love u so much Nonno I don't know what I would do without u! #nonno #love."
    Photo Source: Instagram/Gia Giudice

Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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