What We Know About Chelsea Clinton's Honeymoon


Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have been slightly more successful at keeping their honeymoon plans a secret than they did with the details of their wedding, which became pretty much common knowledge weeks before the event.  If you didn’t know Clinton was getting married in Rhinebeck, N.Y., it’s probably because you just didn’t care. But the couple seems to have thrown off the entire journalistic community with their honeymoon plans. Where could they be that nobody recognizes them and alerts the media?  Here’s what we do know:

–The couple high-tailed it back to New York City on Sunday following a brunch they hosted at Grasmere Estate, also the location of the rehearsal dinner.

–They checked into The Pierre, a ritzy hotel on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park which is often featured in films and in television, including “Scent of a Woman.” The famous tango scene between Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar was shot in one of the ballrooms.

–Their honeymoon will last two-plus weeks.

–Sources say Marc surprised Chelsea with the details of the honeymoon over their wedding weekend. Who wants a surprise honeymoon! How do you know what to pack? Whether to brush up on your French or get a bikini wax? Maybe that’s how they roll but I would have wanted the details weeks in advance. Plus that’s just a rumor and I’m not buying it. Chelsea strikes me as a gal who likes to be prepared, not surprised.

–The common theory is that they headed for Europe, which makes sense. They don’t seem like the types to want to sit on a beach sipping fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them all day. (Which is what I’d want to do). But it’s odd there were no photos of the couple at JFK International Airport or similar. Maybe they flew on a private jet?

Chances are we’ll learn more as they are spotted out and about. You don’t go to Europe to hole up in a hotel, right? Unless they are already getting started on making little Mezvinskys I suppose…