What Will Charlie Sheen Have to Pay Brooke Mueller in Child Support?


Charlie Sheen’s prenuptial agreement has been leaked — and it reads more like an employment contract than a marital agreement. For one thing, the agreement stipulates Brooke Mueller receive a “signing bonus” of $500,000 just for marrying Charlie Sheen as though she was a CEO signing on with a new corporation.  I guess he’s just used to paying for his women! What else is in the prenuptial agreement and what can she expect in child support payments for their twins upon a divorce (which, c’mon, no matter what both camps are saying, is inevitable.)?

For the first 10 years, Brooke gets $300,000 for every year she’s married.  The couple will be married two years on May 30. Brooke would get around $2.35 million for her share in the couple’s house in Beverly Hills if they divorce now.  And she’d get $100,000 to cover moving expenses. In all, according to Gawker Media, Brooke’s take would be $3,566,000.

Sources familiar with the prenup say she also would get $55,000 a month in child support, plus a number of additions — for example. medical expenses and schooling — which could take monthly support upwards of $125,000. Here’s what Mueller won’t get: a cut of his Two-and-a-Half Men earnings.  Someone already has dibs on that: ex-wife Denise Richards.

Sources say Charlie’s net assets are $16 million, which includes a $5.6 million watch collection.  My advice: Don’t get married again Charlie, just stick with the call girl thing. In the end, that’s probably cheaper than payouts to another ex-wife.


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