What's Teen Mom's Maci Bookout Doing with Real World's Adam Royer?!? (Photo)

What's Maci Doing with Adam?

It’s like a MTV cross over event, just without a full cast and cameras. At Daytona Beach the Teen Mom and Real World world’s collide when Maci Bookout and Adam Royer hang out to party.

Adam Royer from Real World Las Vegas and his posse are hanging out with Maci Bookout and her posse. Hmmm, is there a MTV made match in the works?

One Twitter follower is concerned. She wrote “didn’t expect you to hang out with a lowlife drunk like @AdamRoyerMTV. Not a good influence on you or your kid. #fail”

But Maci was quick to come to his defense saying, “oh really… do u know adam personally? i didnt think so.” Adam’s tweet back to the follows, well it wasn’t so diplomatic. But one thing for sure Maci is loving hanging out with Adam and his boys, and tweeted as such.

Check out the FULL photo of Maci and Adam playing on the beach right here!

Maci and Adam!

Photos: Twitter