What's the 'Crazy Story' Behind Rachel Dratch's Pregnancy?


Rachel Dratch isn’t just funny onscreen. The Saturday Night Live veteran is bringing her humor to her pregnancy as well. The 44-year-old comedian has been talking about her baby-to-be and her experience being pregnant. “Oh my God, everything [about pregnancy has] been surprising,” she told People. “The most surprising thing is that I am pregnant.”

But Dratch won’t divulge everything–some bits and pieces about her pregnancy are staying under wraps, for now at least. “There’s a whole crazy story there. But that will come out in my book,” she joked.

And that “crazy story” isn’t the only thing Dratch is keeping to herself–she’s also not revealing the sex of her baby, which she says she does know. So what can we find out about this funny-lady’s pregnancy? “My only craving has been watermelon, which is kind of random,” she said. And when she’s not craving healthy food (seriously?), she said she can barely eat at all, getting full after just a small amount of food.

Fortunately for Dratch, fellow SNL stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey–moms themselves–are giving her advice and helping her through her pregnancy. Poehler, who is pregnant with her second child now, is even going through the process with Dratch. “We’ve been preggers buddies,” Dratch said. “We check in and compare symptoms.”

Think Dratch and Poehler’s babies will be buddies, too?